Janelle joins The Movement Theatre Company for 1Move

1MOVE is The Movement Theatre Company's video series that asks artists to collaboratively tackle a social justice or human rights issue. In 3 hours, the artists utilize source material to discuss, rehearse and present a new work. The entire process is filmed and compiled into an episode that showcases artists' response to NOW.



The culmination of an 8 week workshop at The Public Theater, this musical medley features popular books from your English class, now flipped into original verse vignettes and performed by some incredible talent. Created by Daveed Diggs (Hamilton) and Rafael Casal (HBO's Def Poetry) and featuring guest hosts from the worlds of Broadway, Hip Hop and Spoken Word, #BARS Vol. 2 is NOT to be missed!

Catch yours truly in "House on Mango Street", "Frankenstein", "Beloved" and "The Great Gatsby"!!!! 

#BARS Musical Medley is coming....November 14th!

This summer, I got to be a part of the second cohort of the BARS workshop at the Public Theater. Hosted by Rafael Casal and Daveed Diggs (yes, that Diggs!),  this theatre-in-verse curriculum included writing, poetry, rapping, theater and some incredible devised work with brilliant young artists from across the country. The final product- a ONE SHOT medley of creative vignettes- is about to drop on YouTube, and I am so excited to share the first trailer! Mark your calendars. Its about to be LIT.